Tuesday, June 1, 2010

birthday card- the story behind the card is so funny

Tomorrow is Todd's birthday so I wanted to make him a birthday card. OK, so you may be asking yourself why I would have chosen a raccoon to put on his card. Well, that leads to a very funny story. Apparently he grew up in a town where there was not much wildlife. We live in town but it is so amazing how we can sit on our back porch and almost every evening see 7-9 deer walk right up in our backyard. I sure you remember the horror stories that I told you about the deer eating our flowers. Anyway, the deer and the flowers are another post and another story, this story is about the raccoon. Well, like I said, we live right smack in the middle of town so you don't really expect much wildlife in town. Well, apparently any other town but our town. Well, for about the last three weeks we kept having something getting in our trash. It would actually lift the lid off of our trashcan and set it to the side. I kept thinking we had a raccoon but then I also kept thinking, nah, not in town. Well, the other night while I was talking to my sister on the phone, while sitting on the back porch joking about the fact that there were 7 deer in the back yard paying no attention to me on the phone when I saw what appeared to be a very large cat. Well, I start walking closer as this thing climbs the tree, at closer look I realize that it is a raccoon so I just kinda back away because I was a little leary of it, not scared, just leary...... I came in the house and told Todd about what I had seen outside. Well a few hours passed and we were sitting in the family room watching tv when I heard the lid knock off of the trash can. I told Todd, there is the raccoon, I jump up to go outside to scare him off. Well, I look behind of me and there is Todd with the flashlight in hand. He shined it on the trashcan and there was the raccoon just staring at us. He dropped the flashlight and was in the house faster than I have ever seen him move. I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes. I kept telling him that we needed to scare the raccoon away because he would rip that trash bag to shreads. No sirry Bob, he wasn't going nowhere near anything that was outside. "You know those things carry rabies don't ya". Anyway, After I threw a water bottle at the raccoon and scared him off , I put the lid back on the trashcan. Still, Todd was going no where near the trashcan until he got in the vehicle and drove it as close to the trashcans as he could get it to make sure the raccoon was in fact gone....After closer inspection of the trashcans (from the vehicle) he did go and get a heavy brick to put on top of the trash can so Mr Raccoon couldn't get back in the trashcan that night. And yes, he would just "love" it if he knew I was telling this story, but I am sure you will all keep my secret. lol..... Anyway, after all of that excitement I knew that he had to get a very "special" birthday card. I knew it had to have a raccoon somewhere on it. I was actually thinking about going to the store and buying a stuffed raccoon and putting it down inside the trashcan and asking him to take the trash out for me but I really was afraid that might make me a widow....lol...I will save that trick until he really makes me mad over something...lol...too funny...wish all of you could have seen just how fast he can run.....anyway, hope you enjoyed the story and I hope it gave you a chuckle...I will be laughing my tail off til the end of time over this one.....Thanks for your comments, they really make my day!


  1. this is a funny story, but he is right it could have rabies, not sure if is would be that bold if it did. anyway, thanks for sharing this story. And I won't say a thing to Todd!
    Enjoy your day!

  2. Oh Vicki,
    That is an awesome story.....I absolutely love how this card will tie into his birthday. Hahaha....you gotta love those trash bandits....
    I could just imagine the look on Todd's face and the raccoon's face...I am just envisioning that both are stunned but it looks like the bandit won the staring contest. That is priceless. Now all you need is the perfect present: a flashlight, a brick and an eyemask =)
    Hahaha Love the story. Yup my lips are sealed =)
    Wishing him a very happy birthday!

  3. Oh My Gosh!!!! That is just too too funny!!!!! Now if you only had pictures to scrap!!! Men, our heros!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!! I won't say a word to Todd, but do tell him Happy Birthday. Perfect card to celebrate!! Do love the idea of the stuffed raccoon. Alice's gift ideas are great! Have an awesome day!!! :)

  4. That is SO FUNNY! I had a good laugh. I love the card that you made.

    Marjorie from TX

  5. LOL...cute and funny story..and great idea of putting a raccoon on his card...he might not think its funny but I do..Lol
    I also drop by to say thanks for stopping by my blog this week..I am glad I found yours too

  6. Love the story & the card is too cute!

  7. This is just so so funny.... and the card is darling. I love that raccoon and the sentiment. Perfect.

  8. ROTFLMAO!!!! You have to admit that they are pretty scary in person, though. Bet he got a HUGE kick out of the card! It's adorable! xxD

  9. That was a great story....Don't you just love to have one up on them!!!

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