Sunday, August 30, 2009

stationary box filled with goodies

I am really proud of this oh so easy project. The lady that is marrying Todd and I on Saturday is fighting her 3rd battle with cancer. The first two times it was breast cancer now this time it is bone cancer from the breast cancer. I wanted to make her something very special and thanks to Marie (aka ~~me~~) I was able to do that. The other day while looking around on the mb I saw her post of where she makes these stationary boxes. I thought they were just great so she kindly shared her recipe for them. I am in love with these, I plan on making many many more. The cards I monogramed with her initials using the storybook cartridge, the note paper is nothing but 3 1/2" scalloped squares cut from mini monograms. The tags were cut from George at 3" and then I ran ribbons through the top. The address book is nothing but notebook paper and then printed paper hooked together with brads. I am going tomorrow to get her a book of stamps to go in the stamps slot. Judy going up the side was cut from Plantin Schoolbook and the flowers on the other side is George with stickles in the center. then I added an ink pink and tied a ribbon around the lid of the box. This was the first one that I ever did so it took me just a little longer but I plan on making many many more of these. Thanks again Marie, I think you helped me make the perfect gift....

Saturday, August 29, 2009

thank you box with cards

The lady that owns the flower shop here in town is going above and beyond to help Todd and I out during the wedding. She won't let us rent anything, she is insisting that we just borrow it. We are borrowing an arbor, potted flowers, candelabras, she is making my bouquet- this she is allowing me to pay for but she insist that she give me a discount on it. She is a good friend of Todd's and said she just wants to do this for us. Well, I wanted to do something above and beyond the normal thank you card for her so this is what I came up with. I made this box and filled it full of some of the cards that I have made. The flower on top is layered several times to give it depth. I hope she will like it, plus when she sees what the cards look like maybe she will want to put some up in her flower shop. One more week until the wedding and I am almost finished with everything except the getting married..... that is the easy part.....

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I made these for our wedding too

I wanted to share these with all of you. I just have to take a minute to tell all of you how special I think each and every one of you are. You are seem to be so genuinly happy for me and Todd. I love reading all of the comments that you leave on my postings. It really does my heart so good to know that there are people like all of you in this world. You all have the hearts of giants and I just want you to know how thankful I am to know each and every one of you.
If you remember the wedding card that I made that I am going to have everyone sign at the wedding, well these were suppose to be the verses for that card and I lost them on the computer. Well, after I finished the card with the new verses I found these. I love these verses so much that I really wanted to use them somewhere. So I decided to frame them and add some cricut cuts to them. This is the end result. I found the frames at the dollar tree, man I didn't know there was so much cool stuff in there. I got all kinds of plates, cups, napkins, decorations to hang up for the wedding. Such a cool place to buy wedding stuff..... Anyway, the frame has gold and red in it mixed in with the off white, it was like they were made for this. My dress is red, the invitations had gold in it and then the off white, it was fate.... I am going to put them on the table with all the food so everyone can read them as they walk by. 12 more days counting today.... I am so nervous and so excited all at the same time. I hope I can make it through the ceremony without balling my eyes out. I am meeting with the girl Monday that is going to sing. She wants me to hear what the songs sound like. I am so excited. I just got back from getting my trial run with my hair. I feel like a movie star tonight......Thank you all so much for looking and putting up with my wedding saga, you guys really are the greatest. I am so thankful I found this mb and have gotten to know all of you great ladies.... and gents that are out there....

Monday, August 24, 2009

A spider and it's web- Vicki's take

This is a Jeannie-Vicki challenge card. I needed something other than wedding stuff to do today. Although I have went and got the arbor and am in the process of putting the flowers on it tonight. I will post pictures of it as soon as I am finished. But back to this card. I wanted to do a fun card so I suggested to Jeannie that we do a halloween card and use the spider and webb from PDDU. Well when I started the rest of the card evolved and the poor ol spider was no longer the focal point. This is what is so cool about this card. I used glow in the dark stickles on the skeleton, moon and web. This is so cool, it really glows in the dark. I have been running all around this house trying to get my silly camera to take a picture of how cool this really is. It is the coolest thing to turn off the light and watch it glow. I want to do one of my wedding cards glow in the dark am actually thinking about putting some stickles on me tonight when Todd and I go to bed, lol... bet he would get a laugh out of that....Reminds me of the glow in the dark silly putty that I had as a kid and was all the time sneaking in my younger brothers room at night, he would scream..... ah the good memories of torturing my as funny as him trying to get the marble out of a can of spray paint, now that is a funny story. His body was siluited on the car....way to funny.... anyway, I hope you enjoy this card, it was a lot of fun to make, wish you could see it glow.
PDDU- skeleton at 3" , tree at 4" spider at 2", web at 2", cat at 3" cut three times and layered, moon at 2 1/2". The spider and web on the inside is cut at 3 1/2"
Wild card- Boo cut at 4 " and Happy Halloween cut at 4"

Thank you for looking and thank you for commenting....Happy glowing!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

the wait is over, OMG, my daughter will flip

OK, for those of you that don't know here is the story. My father passed away 5 years ago so I needed someone to walk me down the isle. I thought about my brother but then I said no, I want Todd's dad to walk me down the isle. He will be my dad soon. He only has two boys so he has never gotten to walk anyone down the isle before so I thought it would be great for him to walk me down the isle. My children, son is 11 and daughter will be 20 on the 18th of September, are going to give me away. When trying to figure out who I wanted to give me away they were really my only thoughts. Anyway, hopefully you have seen Brandons card ( the guitar-you rock card)and this one is for Susan. She is probably the biggest Alice in Wonderland fan ever! She loves it. She actually even has an original Alice in Wonderland book that was printed in 1865 written by Lewis Carol. She has everything you can think of Alice. It is her absolute favorite. She will so love this card, I am so excited that it came out the way it did. We used to have unbirthday party's all the time when she was little. When she sees the mad hatter on the outside she will be so excited but when she opens it up and see the chesser cat on the inside she will "flip". I can't wait to give her this card. She is going to be so excited. There is very little cricut on this card, just the mushroom from Tink on the inside. Thank you so much for looking and thank you even more for commenting and putting up with my wedding stories. YOu guys really are the greatest!

Card for my soon to be step son

This card is for my soon to be step son. Todd has 3 boys and I have made birthday cards for two of them recenty. Jake (this card) birthday was before I got my cricut so he didn't get a home made card. The other two boys had a birthday in July and August so they have recently gotten cards and I didn't want Jake to feel left out so I made this card for him. I wanted him to have an inspirational quote on his card, I hope I picked a good one.
Todd is a huge Gamecock fan, His boys live in SC so they are also huge Gamecock fans so I thought this card would be perfect for him. On the outside I have the gamecock and the words "Spur's Up?" For those of you who don't know Steve Spurier is the head football coach for SC so we (T0dd and I) got this idea off of their website. On the inside I posted this years football schedule and then I added another SC logo. On the other side I put his quote and also his name. I think he will really like this card and I hope you do too.

card for my son

As you all know I am getting married on September 5th. My soon to be father in law is walking me down the isle but my two children ages 11 and 20 are giving me away. My daughters card is still being worked on, she will flip when she sees hers. This one if for my son. He is starting to learn to play the guitar so I thought this would suite him. I wanted each of their cards to personlize who they are. I put you rock on the front of his card because in my eyes he truly does "Rock". I was even able to string the guitar, now that was a lot of fun, not.... but anyway I thought the end result was cute.

IA- guitar cut at 2 3/4" on regular cut, blackout and shadow, stars cut at 1"

Plantin Schoolbook- letters cut at 1"

Saturday, August 22, 2009

here are two more thank you cards for my wedding

Here are a couple more thank you cards for people that are doing things for our wedding. The first one is for the lady that is singing. I have picked Allison Krauses- You say it best when you say nothing at all and John Berry's- Your love amazes me. I am so excited to hear her version because she has the most beautiful voice.

The next is a thank you card for the lady that owns the florist. She knows my soon to be husband ( 2 weeks from today) whoo hooo...... I offered to rent an arbor, candelebra and some potted plants and she said no, she wanted to just let us use them. She said this was something that she wanted to do for us. She is also making my bouquet so I wanted to make her an extra special card. I wish you could see it in person because the picture doesn't show it's true colors. I have to tell you out of all the thank you's this is one of my favorites.

I hope they both enjoy their cards. Thank you all for looking and leaving me a comment. I still have a few more wedding thank you's to do before the wedding so I hope you can bare with me....

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

wedding thank you card for photographer

I didn't think I was going to get a card made today. I went and got my nails done right after work, I have really long nails and I was so afraid that I was going to get them broke before the wedding so I went and go the acrylic put over them. First time of ever doing that and I have to tell you, I am liking it.....Anyway, I really needed to make a thank you card for the photographer, who is a man. I was thinking all day what kind of card would be a good thank you card for a man. I kept thinking I need a camera. Well Jeannie was telling me that going places has a camera and I was thinking darn, I don't have going places. Well I started looking through all of my cartridges and look what I found. A camera on the potpourri basket cart. Yeah, I was so excited. I picked my "manly" paper out and went to town. this is what I came up with. I he will like it. The photographer is also a friend of mine so I wanted to make sure it wa alright. I hope he likes it and I hope you do too. The camera was cut on regular cut at 2" and shadow cut twice on 2" and then I cut a little piece of black to put behind the lense. Thank you is cut on regular and shadow at 2 1/4". Thank you so much for looking and thank you for commenting. I hope I don't bore all of you to death on wedding stuff the next few weeks

Monday, August 17, 2009

Christmas cards I have been working on

I took a break from working on wedding stuff today to make a few Christmas cards. My SIL has asked for 50 Christmas cards for this year and then her Mom also wants some so I have been working on them on and off. The let is snow one I liked so much that I did 4 of them because it was real easy and I figured that it would be alright if some of the cards were the same. The Joy one I got from an idea from one of Jeannie's Christmas cards. Thank you Jeannie. The tree one and the Let is snow with a snowman on it I took a close up because I wanted you to see the snow. I love that powder glitter stuff. It really does look like snow. Anyway, I am back off to working on wedding stuff, I just wanted to show you some of the Christmas cards I have been working on. Thank you all for commenting. I love to read what everyone says....Thanks!

Wedding thank you cards

I have been so busy getting ready for the wedding. My daughter and I picked out what I think is the perfect dress. Todd and I both have been through a marriage before so we wanted to do everything our way so my dress is my no means a traditional wedding dress. I tried on a bunch but my daughter and the sales lady both kept saying the red one, the red one.... The sales lady even gave me a very nice compliment and said that not everyone could pull off red but I most definitely could. I even found killer red shoes to match. I was so excited. Well with the wedding dress shoping out of the way I thought I would start on some other things needed for the big day. So I have been working on my thank you wedding cards. September 5th is just around the corner so I want to get as much done now as possible. In the midst of working on these thank you cards I found the frames from Storybook. OMG, I am in love with these frames. I think they work really well for thank you cards. I was even able to use up some of my scraps on these cards because I wanted to keep them light enough to mail with one stamp so they really don't take much paper to make. All of the butterflies were the MS butterfly punch. I layered all of the butterflies 3 times each because I absolutely cannot make a flat card. lol... Anyway I hope you enjoy seeing them because I am sure there will be a lot more to make. The next thing I am going to work on is my hershey kisses with our names on them and little containers for them to go in. I am thinking about the little popcorn containers from TBBM, hopefully I will get those done today to show you. Thank you for looking and thank you for leaving a comment. They mean so much

Friday, August 14, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

This is a Jeannie/Vicki challenge card and I have to tell you, it whooped me. I don't know if it was the tree cut that threw me off or if it was the fact that I can't get my head out of the clouds over being excited about our wedding. But either way, I just couldn't make this card come together at all. I actually have another card laying on my craft table with an elf and the tree that is done but I didn't like it at all so I started over. I like this one a little better. I do really like the look of the snow. I embossed it with clear crystals and when it dried it makes all the snow look really wet. I also embossed the tree with crystal clear embossing powder which dried the glittery color. I inked the deer and hung a ribbon from his mouth to look like he was holding the ornaments for the elf. The tree is from SYI and it is cut at 4". On the inside I put Oh Christmas tree because I love that song. I can hear the elf singing it while he is decorating the tree now. But to be honest with you the only song I really want to hear right now is the wedding march song...... whoo hooo. Can you tell I am a just a little excited....