Thursday, July 30, 2009

My First Blog Award

Yeah, I am so excited. Lisa nominated me for the circle of friends award. Check out her awsome blog here

Thank you this for this award. Now here is the fun part. I get to nominate 5 other fellow bloggers that I feel have become a part of my circle of friends. Please go check out their awsome blogs too.
Here are the rules for the award. To pick up the Circle of Friends Award cut and paste the award logo and use it on your own blog. Nominate 5 other bloggers you feel have become part of your circle of friends. Link to your nominees with in your blog post. Link back to the person who gave you the award in your blog post to show your apperication. Comment on their blogs to let them know you have received the award.

Thank you ladies for being such an inspiration to me!

Please check out all of these ladies fabulous blogs. Their work is pretty awsome

And thank you again Lisa for this cool award. Yeah, my first blog award

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Hero Ribbon card Vicki's take

This is a Jeannie/Vicki challenge card. Jeannie and I wanted to do something really special this time. She came up with the Hero ribbon idea. We were either going to do a yellow ribbon or a pink ribbon. I chose the pink ribbon because it is a little closer home to me. My aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and thank the good Lord above she is cancer free. If I think of anyone as being a hero in fighting this terrible disease I think it is her. She battled it very hard and very courageously and never not once gave up. The hope on the front of the card is for all the hope that she had, the faith is for the faith that she never lost and gave up, the miracle is her and that she is living proof that it can be beat, and the inspire is for all the inspiration that she gives everyone around her everyday. I put a lot of heart into this card. I actually made two just alike. One to keep for another day and one to send to her. I can't explain the feeling I had while making this card. It was a very emotional card to make. I guess I could really feel what each word stood for. On the inside of the card I put anothe pink ribbon on the card first. Then I printed my sentiment on vellum and layed it over top of the ribbon. I wasn't for sure it was going to work out, needless to say I was so happy that it did. This actually is an A-7 card because I couldn't make it work right being an A-4 card. Here are the directions and thank you so much for looking and leaving a comment, they mean so much to me.
George- pink ribbon - this is actually the & sign cut at 3" and using the shadow feature
the ribbon on the inside of the card is cut at 5" shadow feature- stickled around the edge of the ribbon
Hope- home decor- cut at 1 1/2" on regular and shadow cut
Miracle- home decor- cut at 3/4" on regular and shadow cut
Faith- Home Accents- cut at 1" on regular and shadow cut
Inspire- Home Accents- cut at 1" on regular and shadow cut
corners are Jasmine and are cut at 3 1/2", 4" and 4 1/2"- added stickles
scalloped circles are from Mini Monograms and are cut at 3", 3 1/4" and 3 1/2", I added stickles to the scalloped circles to give it a little glitz.
thank you again for looking and for leaving a comment, this really was a labor or love.
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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dragonfly - Vicki's take

Yeah! Jeannie and I found time to do another challenge. I have so much fun with these challenges.It really is hard to make a card without her. Well, Jeannie has been really busy this week with all the birthdays and getting Madison moved and I have been really busy making all these thank you cards but we still wanted to get at least one card challenge in this week. It really was nice to make a card other than a thank you card. When we were trying to decide what our challenge would be, I told Jeannie that I loved the dragon fly from home decor and she came up with the "Good Luck" sentiment since that is a sign of the dragonfly. I was excited about it because I needed to make a good luck card so it worked great for me. This card is for one of the ladies that I work for. The assistant principal of the elementary school is leaving and going to another school, she said that she wanted something really special on the inside because this lady has been great with her kids and that she would be greatly missed. this is what I came up with. I have to tell you, I struggled really hard with this card, It actually started out a different color, different papers, different idea...I couldn't get it to come together the way I wanted to so I left and came back and had a whole knew idea to try to work with. I like how this one came out better. It definitely is not how I pictured it in my head. I hope you like it and please leave me a comment, they mean so much!
Home Decor- dragonfly cut at 2"- twice in gold and once on shadow in purple, stickled with purple
Walk in my garden- daisy cut at 1"- each flower is 4 cuts, I took my hole puncher and put a hole in the center and hooked them together with brads. I love how they came out. this could be my favorite flower now.
Jasmine- front corners cut at 4" and back corners cut at 4 1/2"- stickled with gold
lots of glue dots and lots of stickles.
thanks again for looking and thank you so much for leaving me a comment

Monday, July 20, 2009

Angel thank you cards

I needed to make 4 angel thank you cards for Teresa. She said that her and her husband had felt as if 4 people truly had been their angels in all of this. She wanted them just alike so this is what I came up with. I used the angel from Christmas Noel. I cut her at 3 1/4" once on regular cut and twice on blackout. I also cut her wing once on regular cut in purple and twice on blackout cut in the pearlized white paper. I hope you can see from the last picture that her wings actually bend forwards like she is flying. I also had the neatest paper for the background. the paper directly behind of the angel is clouds and one of the cards you can actually see a little bit of the ocean behind her. The very back ground paper has words all the way across it that refers to faith and living life to the fullest, I thought it worked perfect. I also used my Jasmine cart for the corners, I love those corners, I think they really can add to a card. I used lots and lots of pop glue dots and of course I stickled her wings and bottom of her dress. The inside says "You truly were a blessing in disguise, Thank you for being my angel. I hope the recipients like them as much as I enjoyed making them. Tomorrow I have to make 5 more church cards and then I think I am finished with all the thank you cards she needed. That will make 42. Thank you so much for looking and thank you so much for commenting. Don't forget to check out my blog, I have been really busy putting a lot of my cards on there. I would love to have you as a follower....

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Many Thanks

Here is yet another thank you card for my friend at work. I am running out of ideas for sayings for the insides of my cards so I may have to start duplicating the verses on the inside. I hope I am giving everyone ideas for thank you cards instead of boring you to death with thank you cards. Thank you so much for looking and thank you for leaving your comments, I appreciate them all so much.

Walk in My Garden- flower cut at 2 3/4", 2 1/2" and 2 1/4"

Jasminie- Corners cut at 5" and Many thanks cut at 3"
Lots and lots of stickles and lots of glue dots

Saturday, July 18, 2009

God Bless You

This is another thank you card for Teresa, the lady that I work with whose husband was in a very bad accident. She asked me to make several thank you cards for Churches also. Living in a small community is just amazing. I believe all of the churches have done something for this family. It is just amazing how everyone comes together when someone is in need. Definitely shows the power of what God can do. I didn't want this card to be over fancy because I didn't want anything to over power the verse inside. I hope you like it and please leave a comment to let me know if this is alright for a church thank you card. I wanted this one to be very special. I think I will make all the church ones pretty similiar. Thank you so much for looking...
Christmas Noel- church cut at 3 1/2" once regular cut in champagne paper, one blackout cut in yellow, once black out in chamagne, and layers cut in brown for the roof and layers cut in green for the grass.
Wild Card- God Bless You cut at 51/2"

Thursday, July 16, 2009

bottom of my heart thanks

Here is yet another thank you card that I have done for my friend. I still have a lot of thank you cards to make but this weekend I promise to post something other than a thank you card. With this one I used the hearts from George and layered them with pop glue dots. I also used stickles around the edge of the hearts. I was in a hurry to take my picture of this one so I used the freezer method for drying my stickles faster. It really does work. I used SYI for the tags behind of my setiment which is computer generated. The inside verse came from my own little mind. I also added brads to the setiment and if you look close enough you will see that I added a stickle dot to the center of each brad. I hope you like it and thank you for looking and thank you for commenting. Be sure and check my blog out too. I am getting more and more cards posted to it. Be sure to leave me a comment there too so I know that you have been there. Thank you all so much.

Thank you

Here is another thank you card. This one I used the hearts from George using the shift function. I cut them at 3". The Thank You is from Beyond Birthdays and is cut at 2 1/2". I inked around the whole card with green ink. I am starting to like this inking method. I hope it looks alright. I decided to leave this one blank so she could hand write her own thank you. I added brads to the ribbon and called it done. I hope you like it and thank you so much for leaving your comments.

many thanks

Any yet here is another thank you card. My friend asked for a bunch of thank you cards and a bunch is what she is going to get. For this one I used the flower form Home Decor, I used clear and red stickles and lots and lots of pop dots. The flower is cut at 4" and the leaves are from plantin schoolbook and are cut at 2 1/2". Many thanks is from wild card and is cut at 5". Jeannie you will be so proud of me, I inked the entire card. I was so nervous about doing that but I figured the worse would happen is that I would have to throw it away. Kinda liked how it turned out. I hope you like it too. Thanks for looking and thank you so much for commenting. I love reading each and every one.

dragon fly thank you card

This is another one of the thank you cards that I am making for my friend at work to send to people that have been helping her since her husbands accident.

The scallop circles are from mini monograms cut at 2 1/2", 2 3/4" and 3"

the Thanks is also from Mini monograms

the dragon fly is from Doodlecharms and I used stickles on the center and on the wings. I also used lots and lots of glue dots to make everything poof... thank you so much for looking and thank you for commenting. They really mean the world to me

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

thanks - Vicki's Take

Jeannie and I just couldn't wait to do another card so here we are. The husband of a lady that I work with was in a really bad accident. He was on a garden tractor going across a small bridge and the bridge broke and the tractor overturned on him. He has went through numerous surgeries and is just really lucky to be alive. Well, we live in a very small town and everyone knows him and has been great in pitching in and doing things for them and helping them financially, they have 3 small children, and it is so hard for the mom to do everything. It is amazing how a small community comes together when there is a need. Well, she came to me yesterday and asked if I could make her some thank you cards for her to send to everyone that has helped. I was honored that she would want my cards to give to everyone. So I am making a bunch of thank you cards for her. I hope she likes them and I hope everyone that receives them likes them too. For the challenge Jeannie picked the flower from George (one of my favorite flowers) and we used the saying thanks for going above and beyond. I hope you like it. I can't wait to see Jeannies. Believe it or not, I did 90% of the card while talking to Jeannie on the phone.
George flower cut at 3", 3 1/4" and 3 1/2".
Plantin Schoolbook- leaves at 2" #4 cut at 1 1/4" and also shadow cut
Mini Monograms- Thanks
I think Jeannie had thought I had lost my mind because I told her I had to wait a few minutes before I could take my picture because my card was in the freezer, yes the freezer. That is the fastest way to dry stickles.... I used the stickles on the ends of the flower petals. I am still laughing because she sent me a pm and it said freezer?????? do tell. I know she thought I had sniffed too much glue .

Cute as a bug

This is also a Jeannie/Vicki challenge. I think we both were just itching to do another challenge. Neither one of us could come up with a good cut so Jeannie handed the book the Madison and told her to pick a cut. She picked the lady bug and also had one other request. We had to use glitter. I can't believe we even got this card in last week. Jeannie was so busy planning her daughters wedding and getting everything just so. I was so surprised when she said "let's do a challenge today". I hope it was a good break for her because I am sure she was busy busy busy. I cut the lady bugs were cut at 1 3/4" and 2 1/4". The scalloped circles were from mini monograms and the leaves were from plantin school book. The font is base camp. I felt like I had glitter everywhere after putting glitter on the lady bugs and on the tips of the leaves. It was a lot of fun as are all the card challenges with Jeannie. I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as we enjoy making them. Thanks so much!

Birthday Cupcake

This is also a Jeannie/Vicki card challenge, little did Jeannie know that this was also her birthday card from me. I hope she was surprised when she got it in the mail. Jeannie actually picked the cupcake cut. We had both just gotten the new Home Decor carts and we were just dying to make something with it so the cupcake was first. I knew right away what paper I wanted to use, I was really pleased that I was able to make the cupcake match the paper. I cut the cupcake at 3" and cut out 4 different layers. I knew this card was going to Jeannie so I really wanted to make it Pop! I used lots and lots and lots of glue dots and stickles. It actually turned out to be one of my favorite cards after it was said and done. I hope you enjoy it and much as I enjoyed making it.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Chick Chat over coffee

Jeannie and I are having way too much fun doing these challenges. I get so excited each and every time that we do one. I think I could do one every day. I had several cards to make for a lady that I know that is in what is called the Pink Ladies, this is like the red hat society only the ladies are "too young" to wear read. Anyway, she wanted some "pink chics" because that is what they refer to themselves as. Jeannie thought it would be fun to make it a challenge so we both could see how we both interpreted the choice. We knew what bird we was going to use and we knew we were going to use the "let's chick chat over coffee" but that was it. It was so wild because we thought so much alike on this one and we both decided to put our "chicks" over the coffee. My coffee was actually on the paper that I chose and her coffee was in a cup that she put on the front of her card. We both had a ball doing this one. I hope you enjoy it as much. the bird is from Home Decor and the circles are from mini monograms.

Turtle Friends

This is yet another challenge with Jeannie, I just absolutely love these challenges. This we decided to use the turtle from animal kingdom. I think Jeannie thought I had lost my mind when I suggested the turtle.

I used the Nana's baby paper pack which I think is my all time favorite paper. I also used stickles all over my turtles shell and even painted her toe nails. I added ribbon to the corners and added dear friends on the ribbon. I added 4 flower brads to the corners of the paper. The turtle was cut at 3" and layered. I used lots and lots of glue dots to make it 3-D. I hope you like it.

Hoppy Birthday

This is also a Jeannie/Vicki Challenge card. She needed to do a birthday card for Madison so we both decided to make it a challenge card. I had a lot of fun with this card. I love lady bugs as long as they are on cards and outside, not inside.... but that would be a whole different story.

The lady bug is from walk in my garden and the leaves are from Plantin schoolbook, I think as far as leaves go they are some of my favorite to use. With the lady bug on the inside of the card I actually cut his head off and placed it in a different place to make it appear like he was looking behind him. I drew the faces on by hand and added ribbon to the corners and then added brads on top of the ribbon. Jeannie and I actually have done two lady bug card challenges, this one and then we also did the lady bug from home decor. That was a lot of fun too. I hope you enjoy this one. I know it was a lot of fun to make. I think the funnest thing about these challenges that Jeannie and I do is the fact that we both post at the same time. It is like we are two little kids waiting for Santa... I can't wait to see her card and she can't wait to see mine. It truly is a blast....

I love you card

This is another Jeannie/Vicki challenge card. I believe this turned out to be one of my favorite cards that I have done to date. I just love the hefalumps and woozles stories with Pooh anyway. Jeannie and I decided to make a card using Lumpy the hefalump from Pooh and Friends. We also decided to use a love you theme. I used the I love you more and Jeannie used the I'll love you forever. I came up with my I love you more because when my son was small he used to tell me I love you and I would say I love you more and he would say, no I love you more... and so on. I thought it worked great with this card.

Lumpy was cute out at 3" several times and layered. I also cut the butterfly out from Pooh and friends and put it on lumpy's trunk. The grass is Zooballoo and the flowers are George. I love the flowers from George especially when they are layered so many times. The flowers on the inside of the card are also pooh and friends. I almost forgot the clouds are also from Pooh and Friends.

Thank you Jeannie for wanting to do Challenges with me!

I hope you enjoy