Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I love you card

This is another Jeannie/Vicki challenge card. I believe this turned out to be one of my favorite cards that I have done to date. I just love the hefalumps and woozles stories with Pooh anyway. Jeannie and I decided to make a card using Lumpy the hefalump from Pooh and Friends. We also decided to use a love you theme. I used the I love you more and Jeannie used the I'll love you forever. I came up with my I love you more because when my son was small he used to tell me I love you and I would say I love you more and he would say, no I love you more... and so on. I thought it worked great with this card.

Lumpy was cute out at 3" several times and layered. I also cut the butterfly out from Pooh and friends and put it on lumpy's trunk. The grass is Zooballoo and the flowers are George. I love the flowers from George especially when they are layered so many times. The flowers on the inside of the card are also pooh and friends. I almost forgot the clouds are also from Pooh and Friends.

Thank you Jeannie for wanting to do Challenges with me!

I hope you enjoy

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  1. I love your cards. They are so detailed and I love how you finish the inside, too! Your cards are my new inspiration. They're just as nice as Jeannie's, but more my style. I'm definitely going to be checking your blog on a regular basis.


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