Sunday, July 12, 2009

baseball birthday card

One of my soon to be step sons had a birthday the same day as mine. I wanted to make him a special card because he (and his brothers) are so very special to me. He loves sports of all kinds so I knew I wanted to make him a sports card. I guess I picked baseball because that is a summer sport. For this card I used the baseball cart. I cut out the person at 3" on regular cut and then cut out the filler in tan, (white just doesn't look very good on the baseball cuts, at least I don't think so). Anyway, the field is cut out at 3 " as well and the baseball is cut out at 1". I used base camp for the font and put his name along the edge of the field. I cut the baseball out 2 times and used extra pop glue dots to make to ball appear to be coming out of the card. On the inside I cut the glove out at 2". The sentiment was computer generated. I hope he enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed making it for him. I know there was a lot of love put into this card....


  1. There is your follower list!!! already know that I think this card rocks!!

    I have to make a special thank you card tomorrow...I think I will use an anchor...!!!

  2. Great blog. I love looking at your cards. You do great work and I hope to be as good as you one day.! :)

  3. Very nice! I really like the layout. I was up till nearly 2 am this morning putting mine together - it's quite a chore isn't it!?! Keep up the great work. I'm definately one of your followers. TFS all your beautiful cards! I see them on the Cricut MB and really enjoy your creative talent. Joanne

  4. Congrats on your new blog it looks fab and so many wonderful cards!

  5. Cool card, Vicki! Congrats on your blog!

  6. Great blog you have been very busy uploading all your cards. It has a lot more on than mine.

    Your cards are all wonderful you have such a talent.

    Kaye x

  7. Blog looks great. I'm pretty new to blogland myself!


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