Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Hero Ribbon card Vicki's take

This is a Jeannie/Vicki challenge card. Jeannie and I wanted to do something really special this time. She came up with the Hero ribbon idea. We were either going to do a yellow ribbon or a pink ribbon. I chose the pink ribbon because it is a little closer home to me. My aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and thank the good Lord above she is cancer free. If I think of anyone as being a hero in fighting this terrible disease I think it is her. She battled it very hard and very courageously and never not once gave up. The hope on the front of the card is for all the hope that she had, the faith is for the faith that she never lost and gave up, the miracle is her and that she is living proof that it can be beat, and the inspire is for all the inspiration that she gives everyone around her everyday. I put a lot of heart into this card. I actually made two just alike. One to keep for another day and one to send to her. I can't explain the feeling I had while making this card. It was a very emotional card to make. I guess I could really feel what each word stood for. On the inside of the card I put anothe pink ribbon on the card first. Then I printed my sentiment on vellum and layed it over top of the ribbon. I wasn't for sure it was going to work out, needless to say I was so happy that it did. This actually is an A-7 card because I couldn't make it work right being an A-4 card. Here are the directions and thank you so much for looking and leaving a comment, they mean so much to me.
George- pink ribbon - this is actually the & sign cut at 3" and using the shadow feature
the ribbon on the inside of the card is cut at 5" shadow feature- stickled around the edge of the ribbon
Hope- home decor- cut at 1 1/2" on regular and shadow cut
Miracle- home decor- cut at 3/4" on regular and shadow cut
Faith- Home Accents- cut at 1" on regular and shadow cut
Inspire- Home Accents- cut at 1" on regular and shadow cut
corners are Jasmine and are cut at 3 1/2", 4" and 4 1/2"- added stickles
scalloped circles are from Mini Monograms and are cut at 3", 3 1/4" and 3 1/2", I added stickles to the scalloped circles to give it a little glitz.
thank you again for looking and for leaving a comment, this really was a labor or love.
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  1. I love love this...wonderful wonderful job...this card took my breath...and made me have a tear in my eye..... I love our challenges.... you make me a better card maker.

  2. Vicki ...I love these challenges you and Jeannie set up. Such lovely stuff. Now onto some FUN stuff. You won the draw on my Mickey and Minnie handtowels. Email me with your addie and I will get these mailed off to you. Thanks for playing...

  3. Vicki this is enough to bring a tear to anyone's eye including mine, my mum has breast cancer too. I am not surprised you were happy with the outcome it is awesome.

    Kaye x


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