Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dragonfly - Vicki's take

Yeah! Jeannie and I found time to do another challenge. I have so much fun with these challenges.It really is hard to make a card without her. Well, Jeannie has been really busy this week with all the birthdays and getting Madison moved and I have been really busy making all these thank you cards but we still wanted to get at least one card challenge in this week. It really was nice to make a card other than a thank you card. When we were trying to decide what our challenge would be, I told Jeannie that I loved the dragon fly from home decor and she came up with the "Good Luck" sentiment since that is a sign of the dragonfly. I was excited about it because I needed to make a good luck card so it worked great for me. This card is for one of the ladies that I work for. The assistant principal of the elementary school is leaving and going to another school, she said that she wanted something really special on the inside because this lady has been great with her kids and that she would be greatly missed. this is what I came up with. I have to tell you, I struggled really hard with this card, It actually started out a different color, different papers, different idea...I couldn't get it to come together the way I wanted to so I left and came back and had a whole knew idea to try to work with. I like how this one came out better. It definitely is not how I pictured it in my head. I hope you like it and please leave me a comment, they mean so much!
Home Decor- dragonfly cut at 2"- twice in gold and once on shadow in purple, stickled with purple
Walk in my garden- daisy cut at 1"- each flower is 4 cuts, I took my hole puncher and put a hole in the center and hooked them together with brads. I love how they came out. this could be my favorite flower now.
Jasmine- front corners cut at 4" and back corners cut at 4 1/2"- stickled with gold
lots of glue dots and lots of stickles.
thanks again for looking and thank you so much for leaving me a comment


  1. I love your card...just love it...its the paper you cut the wings out of...great verse.... a 4 month card maker and look at you already!!!!.... too amazing...too too amazing.


  2. Oh this is beautiful Vicki and the colours are gorgeous.I love all the dimension on this card and what you've written inside is so wonderful

  3. Ok so this is my third attempt to leave a comment, blogger is really having problems at the mo or it is my computer.

    Anyway your card is beautiful, the colours, the dimension and the layout are awesome. I can't believe you have not been making cards that long.

    Kaye x

  4. Gorgeous Vicki! I've been working on something with that dragonfly but it just hasn't come together yet. this is sooo beautiful! xxD

  5. That's just gorgeous Vicki, I love all the dimension, and the colours are fab too
    En x


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