Monday, August 24, 2009

A spider and it's web- Vicki's take

This is a Jeannie-Vicki challenge card. I needed something other than wedding stuff to do today. Although I have went and got the arbor and am in the process of putting the flowers on it tonight. I will post pictures of it as soon as I am finished. But back to this card. I wanted to do a fun card so I suggested to Jeannie that we do a halloween card and use the spider and webb from PDDU. Well when I started the rest of the card evolved and the poor ol spider was no longer the focal point. This is what is so cool about this card. I used glow in the dark stickles on the skeleton, moon and web. This is so cool, it really glows in the dark. I have been running all around this house trying to get my silly camera to take a picture of how cool this really is. It is the coolest thing to turn off the light and watch it glow. I want to do one of my wedding cards glow in the dark am actually thinking about putting some stickles on me tonight when Todd and I go to bed, lol... bet he would get a laugh out of that....Reminds me of the glow in the dark silly putty that I had as a kid and was all the time sneaking in my younger brothers room at night, he would scream..... ah the good memories of torturing my as funny as him trying to get the marble out of a can of spray paint, now that is a funny story. His body was siluited on the car....way to funny.... anyway, I hope you enjoy this card, it was a lot of fun to make, wish you could see it glow.
PDDU- skeleton at 3" , tree at 4" spider at 2", web at 2", cat at 3" cut three times and layered, moon at 2 1/2". The spider and web on the inside is cut at 3 1/2"
Wild card- Boo cut at 4 " and Happy Halloween cut at 4"

Thank you for looking and thank you for commenting....Happy glowing!

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  1. Now I know I commented on this. It's sooo cute and I remember saying it's nice that you could take a little break. I think the problem is when I go to post the comment the screen jumps up and sometimes I miss going back for the scrambled word thingy. Sorry about that! Hugs, D


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