Monday, August 17, 2009

Christmas cards I have been working on

I took a break from working on wedding stuff today to make a few Christmas cards. My SIL has asked for 50 Christmas cards for this year and then her Mom also wants some so I have been working on them on and off. The let is snow one I liked so much that I did 4 of them because it was real easy and I figured that it would be alright if some of the cards were the same. The Joy one I got from an idea from one of Jeannie's Christmas cards. Thank you Jeannie. The tree one and the Let is snow with a snowman on it I took a close up because I wanted you to see the snow. I love that powder glitter stuff. It really does look like snow. Anyway, I am back off to working on wedding stuff, I just wanted to show you some of the Christmas cards I have been working on. Thank you all for commenting. I love to read what everyone says....Thanks!

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  1. Wow Vicki you have got a lot on at the moment, at this rate you won't have time to make your own Christmas cards. Your wedding invites are looking awesome and so is the rest of the stationery.

    Kaye x


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