Saturday, August 29, 2009

thank you box with cards

The lady that owns the flower shop here in town is going above and beyond to help Todd and I out during the wedding. She won't let us rent anything, she is insisting that we just borrow it. We are borrowing an arbor, potted flowers, candelabras, she is making my bouquet- this she is allowing me to pay for but she insist that she give me a discount on it. She is a good friend of Todd's and said she just wants to do this for us. Well, I wanted to do something above and beyond the normal thank you card for her so this is what I came up with. I made this box and filled it full of some of the cards that I have made. The flower on top is layered several times to give it depth. I hope she will like it, plus when she sees what the cards look like maybe she will want to put some up in her flower shop. One more week until the wedding and I am almost finished with everything except the getting married..... that is the easy part.....


  1. How beautiful Vicki! She's gonna love it and you may have a new client. (Smart cookie!) One week to go. How EXCITING! xxD

  2. You're so good. Gee, I'm sure she's gonna love that thank you card


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