Monday, August 10, 2009

Christmas Cards

We went out of town this weekend to the soon to be inlaws. While there visiting with my soon to be sister in law she was telling me that the company she works for does Christmas cards each year and that she is in charge of them. She asked me if I would be interested in doing them. I told her yeah, what would they pay me. Thinking it would be so little that it wouldn't be worth my time. Well she said that last year they paid $2.50 a card. Ok, normally if I sell a card I sell it for twice that so I am just listening at this point. Then she tells me how many. 1000 cards. My eyes and ears are wide open at this point. She said they had to be pretty simple and they couldn't say anything about Merry Christmas, which I think is bull but that is the way a lot of companies operate now. Anyway, I am thinking 1000 cards at $2.50 a pop, that is $2500.00. I am a little excited but nervous, could I make this many cards. So I came home and sat down and came up with what I call a simple card. One Cricut cut,no layering...that nearly killed me.. They have to be light enough to mail with one stamp. Well, I have exactly two Christmas stamps, one that says Happy Holidays and the other is the inside verse. Instead of just stamping on the outside verse, I embossed it in gold. I thought that made it look much more professional. Anyway, here are four cards that I emailed her today. I think the deer and the ornament are my favorites. EAch card took me about 5-10 a piece to make. With them only taking this long to make if I get the order, I should have no problem making that many by Christmas. So please keep your fingers crossed for me that I can get this order. With my wedding coming up in a few weeks I sure could use the extra money. Look at them and let me know if you think they look good enough for a company to send out as their cards. I would have them embossed with their company name on the inside too. Please let me know what you think.


  1. Perfect - I love the first 2 cards

  2. I think the look great!

  3. These are all beautiful Vicki, and so professional looking! Have to say my fave is the first one. It's magical! Hey go read Capadia's post about the 1000 inchies. 1000 is ALOT of cards but I'm sure you're up for the task. Hugs, D

  4. Vicki these are exquisite I love them all but am drawn to the first one it's so elegant. Good luck to you I hope you get the order, I must say they look so professionally done!

  5. Vicki, I'm new to your blog but have enjoyed looking around. I'll come back! The 4 "holiday" cards you've created are lovely and I hope you are selected to make them for this company this year. Reindeer is my favorite only because the color is green!


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