Friday, August 14, 2009

Wedding invitations and announcements Hurray!

Here are my wedding invitations and announcements. I made both because we are only inviting the immediate family to the wedding and then everyone else I will send an announcement to and let them know that we got married. The announcement doesn't have the date printed on it because it was the dry run that I made to make sure that this was how I wanted it. I mailed them today with all the date and information typed it too. The verse on the wedding invitations says "An answered prayer he is to me, my greatest joy she'll always be, and so this day we will pledge our love, in front of friends and God above" then I added a bunch of those little flowers and the leaves from plantin schoolbook. I added two gold bands to the ribbon. It is really hard to see but the outside edge of the cards are embossed. These were all mailed today so for the family and friends that don't know we are getting married yet will know so in about 3 days. I am so excited. I have my appointment next week to get my nails done, they are naturally long so if I don't get acrylic on them I know I will break them. I have my appointment set up to do the practice run of my hair, I have the photographer lined up, the songs picked and the singer to sing them... I have the poem picked that is going to be read. We go get our rings today. It is all coming together. I have the food picked for after the wedding. Lets just all keep our fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly.
Oh yeah, I also put the announcement in here too, I will send that to everyone that we didn't invite to the wedding so they will know that we are now married. YEAH! the announcement says "Love is just not about looking at each other in the eyes but looking together in the same direction" I have a few more things that I am working on I will post them as I make them.
September 5th will be here before I know it and as I am sure all of you can tell, I am getting really excited......


  1. Oh Vicki these are also so so beautiful you've put so much hard work and love into them. Gosh Sept 5th is just around the corner I'll be looking forward to seeing the photos. Much love to you both for a wonderful married life

  2. Just gorgeous Vicki! Lovely sentiment and they match perfectly with your wedding book. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness. Can you relax a bit now? xxD

  3. so nice of these cards. these are looking so sweet.


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