Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I made these for our wedding too

I wanted to share these with all of you. I just have to take a minute to tell all of you how special I think each and every one of you are. You are seem to be so genuinly happy for me and Todd. I love reading all of the comments that you leave on my postings. It really does my heart so good to know that there are people like all of you in this world. You all have the hearts of giants and I just want you to know how thankful I am to know each and every one of you.
If you remember the wedding card that I made that I am going to have everyone sign at the wedding, well these were suppose to be the verses for that card and I lost them on the computer. Well, after I finished the card with the new verses I found these. I love these verses so much that I really wanted to use them somewhere. So I decided to frame them and add some cricut cuts to them. This is the end result. I found the frames at the dollar tree, man I didn't know there was so much cool stuff in there. I got all kinds of plates, cups, napkins, decorations to hang up for the wedding. Such a cool place to buy wedding stuff..... Anyway, the frame has gold and red in it mixed in with the off white, it was like they were made for this. My dress is red, the invitations had gold in it and then the off white, it was fate.... I am going to put them on the table with all the food so everyone can read them as they walk by. 12 more days counting today.... I am so nervous and so excited all at the same time. I hope I can make it through the ceremony without balling my eyes out. I am meeting with the girl Monday that is going to sing. She wants me to hear what the songs sound like. I am so excited. I just got back from getting my trial run with my hair. I feel like a movie star tonight......Thank you all so much for looking and putting up with my wedding saga, you guys really are the greatest. I am so thankful I found this mb and have gotten to know all of you great ladies.... and gents that are out there....


  1. These are Beautiful Vicki,
    I hope you have a wonderful wedding, and your day is everything you hope.

  2. These are beautiful verses Vicki! They'll be a lovely addition to the table. I'm really getting excited for you. CAN'T WAIT TO SEE PIX!!!!! Hugs, D

  3. That's a very pretty. I really love your wedding stationery ideas. Hoping for the best at your wedding.


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