Wednesday, September 16, 2009

floating ghost halloween card

OH OH OH, I am so excited for you to see this card! Oh I am just so proud of this card. I have had this card pictured in my head for days now, I just wasn't sure that I could make it all come together the way I wanted it to. I am so proud that it turned out right. I am also glad that it worked out that this could be and Jeannie/Vicki challenge card. Jeannie and I decided that it had been too long since we did a challenge card together so here is what we came up with. I picked the ghost from PDDU but didn't realize that there were two ghost on that cart so I made sure that I used them both on this card. I knew that I wanted my ghost to be suspended in mid air like it was flying but I wasn't sure how to pull this off. Well I actually worked with my wedding card idea and came up with the idea to hang the ghost from invisible thread and hang him from the center of cut out on the card. I hope the pictures really show how he is just floating in the air. I added layers of the zooballo grass behind of the ghost. I hope you can see that there are several layers of the grass. I inked around the edges to make it look better and of course I used lots and lots of pop up glue dots. I also added a spider to the grass area because what kind of card would a halloween card be without a spider. I also added two of the pumkins from PDDU and layered them and popped them up too and then I cut out ivy and inked and glued it around the pumkins. Added a moon and the word BOO to the left side and bats and stars to the right side. This obviously is a card that does better being left open. Go figure, a card that looks better on the inside than on the outside. On the outside of the card I added the cat, tombstone and other ghost from PDDU. I also put a lot of the inked ivy around the cat on this part as well. This card was way too much fun to make. I love it when I make a card that I am really excited about seeing it when it is done. I hope you like it and please be sure and leave me a comment. They mean so much to me....

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