Monday, May 17, 2010

Baseball thank you card

I wanted to make a card for my son's baseball coach who happens to be my ex. It is amazing how far he has taken these kids in baseball. The have only lost one game all season and they are all, the entire team, playing so great. They are all 12 and it is amazing to watch 12 year old play the game of baseball and understand the fundamentals of the sport as well as they do. It is just like watching minature versions of the pro's.....only better.....because when they are this size you can tell that they are playing with all heart and are playing because they truly love the sport and want to be the best they can. I truly believe that sports are so great for kids. It teaches them to be team players and teaches them so much about life in general. Anyway, I wanted to make a special card and this is what I came up with. There team is name is Crush so I wanted to put that on the card somewhere and there colors are orange and black so I wanted to use those colors too. I used the baseball cart and welded the letters from basecamp for the word Crush. I figure either Brandon can give it to him himself or he can have all the boys sign it and they all give it to him. Either way I hope he likes it and knows how much I appreciate what all he is doing with those boys.


  1. Very nice! He should really like this!! :)

  2. Hello Vicki,
    What a great card! Here in canada the great past time sport is hockey...but this is a really nice baseball card...I am sure that your son's baseball coach would love it. I know that there are a lot of coaches that do this on a volunteer basis and to be appreciated by such a wonderful is awesome.
    Great to see your creative juices flowing =)

  3. Good looking card !!!! I'm glad the team is doing well and having fun...thats what its all about !!
    xoxo Joy

  4. Great card and I'm sure it will be greatly appreciated. I agree that sports really teach valuable life lessons and all the while they're having fun! xxD


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