Monday, May 17, 2010

Brandon's Birthday card

OK, I have to admit when I saw Jeannie's retirement card with the fish on it my brain starting running all over the place. I needed to make a card for my son's birthday and was going to make him a baseball card. He loves baseball. Well actually he loves all sports and when he is not playing a sport he loves to be hunting. I remember when he was just 6 or 7 years old, My ex (who loves to hunt) had went out that morning and killed a deer. Well for weeks prior to this all Brandon could talk about was wanting to go deer hunting too. Well when my ex shot that deer that morning he didn't say anything to Brandon about killing the deer. He just told him that he needed his help. Well, Brandon grabbed his gun and was ready to go. Now this is the funny part, Brandon's gun was a bb gun. But to him it was a real gun. My ex had told him that he had just knocked the deer down and he needed Brandon's help. Well, let me tell you, That was all that child talked about for weeks and weeks. He had to have his picture taken with this deer and everything. He truly believed that he was the one that had shot him. Well, when I saw Jeannie's retirement card with the fish on it I knew what card I wanted to make for Brandon. I wanted to make him a deer hunting card. Jeannie thank you so much for the idea. I think Brandon will love it and I hope you do too.


  1. Awesome card Vicki! I'm sure Brandon is going to love it!! :)

  2. Hello Vicki,
    I think that you did an amazing job. I am sure that Brandon would be so thrilled that you remembered such a proud moment in his life. You did an amazing job and the colors work so well for this. I love the little deer on the inside of the card...I think that it really pulls the card together.
    Keep up the creative juices. It's so great to see you sharing your cards. Thank you so much...
    PS - As for the ATV...well let me tell you...I had quite the experience with one...but let's just say that it was the tree's fault for jumping in the middle of my path....

  3. What a sweet story and what a great card !! Im sure Brandon will cherish the memory and the card !!! Glad to see you posting again!!!
    xoxo Joy

  4. What a fab guy card and cute story! Love this, Vickie! so great to see you crafting again! xxD


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