Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Friends thru thick and thin

This was going to be my original Jeannie/Vicki raindrop challenge card. I actually had this one made and everything until I was laying in bed the night before we were going to post and the Gene Kelly, singing in the rain card hit me like a ton of bricks. I new then that I had to make that card. Of course, I really wish these ideas would come to me some other time except 11pm at night....Especially when I get up at 5:30am every morning...anyway, the sacrafices we make for our hope you enjoy this card. I really did have a lot of fun making it. I was going for a friends thru thick and thin together theme. I know that most times you and your best friend are as different as cat and mice but the combination really works. I hope you enjoy it and thank you so much for your comments. They sure make my heart smile.....


  1. OH Vicki
    I love this card too! So adorable! I think that it spices up a friendship if you have a cat and mice relationship. it works and that;s what makes it fun. Keep up the great creative ideas that you come up with. It's exciting to visit and see another card that you have come up with =)
    But yes I totally know what you mean about the sacrifices we have for our craft =)
    THank you for sharing!

  2. Oh that's so cute! I love the raindrops! Great job!

  3. ohoh oh oh I love love this!!.... so so sweet!

  4. welcome back Vicki,
    It has been a long time, you still have your MOJO....
    lovely card,

  5. So funny, I just watching Singing In The Rain a few weeks ago. I love your card, Vicki and I am SOOOO glad to see you back posting.
    Thanks for stopping by to leave such a sweet comment on my blog.

  6. This is such a cute card that would make the recipient feel so special. The colors are beautiful.

  7. So so SWEET Vickie! I can't believe I missed this before. xxD

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